Sunday, April 25, 2010

Character Analysis- Eva in Freedom Writers

Throughout the film, Freedom Writers, the students all become new people. They change significantly because of the environment Ms. Gruwell has create for them, and their own determination.
Eva, one of the students, learns that she has more independence and potential for freedom. At the beginning, Eva follows her gang, doing what they do, making sure that she doesn't anger anyone in her racial group. By listening to Ms. Gruwell's teachings, she finds that there doesn't need to be a war between races, and stands up for what she thinks is right, regardless if her gang approves or not. Eva was originally stubborn, refusing to do schoolwork, and didn't see the point of it all, but again, through her forced education, she found that school was the key to freedom.
Eva changed a lot through the film, she learned of important moral values, and how to be her own person.

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  1. My religion class just watched this movie. I have to do a report on on of the characters and the movie. This summary only explains some of the points. I need more and this gives me a better understanding of Eva's life. Thank you